Figure Your Net Worth


Cash—share savings   Cash—share draft/checking
Cash on hand   Share certificates/CDs
Money-market funds   U.S. savings bonds
Market value of house   Market value, other real estate
Life insurance, cash value   Annuities, surrender value
Pension plans, vested equity   Profit sharing, vested equity
401(k) or 403(b) plans   Individual retirement accounts
Keogh plans   Stocks (individually owned)
Bonds (individually owned)   Stock mutual funds
Bond mutual funds   Real estate investment funds
Other investments   Collectibles
Precious metals   Household furnishings
Vehicles   Boats, recreational vehicles
Furs, jewelry   Loans owed to you
Other assets


Mortgage balance(s)   Vehicle loans
Student loans   Home-equity credit line
Other credit lines   Credit card bills
Other bills

Total assets:
Total liabilities:  
Net worth: